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Reports and Proceedings

Reports and Proceedings Available from Carolinian Canada

Forum 2008 Proceedings

Coming soon!

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Carolinian Canada Coalition Annual Report 2008-2009

Download the report here (4.1mb).

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Forum 2007 Proceedings

Copies of the 2007 Forum Proceedings "Exploring the Nature of Climate Change" are now available from the CCC Office at $5.00 per copy. The Forum included two keynotes, Ellen Schwartzel and Dr. Gordon McBean, speaking on the anticipated directions of climate change in the Carolnian Lifezone. The one-day forum also explored topics such as natural areas research, stewardship, planning, policy, education and community awareness. Please contact to purchase your copy.

Presentations from Forum 2007 are also available for download now. Click here to view a list of downloadable presentations.

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Carolinian Canada Coalition Annual Report 2007-2008

Download the report here (3.2mb).

Hard Copy Cost: $5

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Collaborating for a Healthy Ecoregion: Greening the Future in Southwestern Ontario, Carolinian Canada Coalition Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012

Summary available for download here (1.3mb).
Full document available for download here (3.8mb).

Hard Copy Cost: $5

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Carolinian Canada Coalition Annual Report 2006-2007

Download the report here (2.5mb).

Hard Copy Cost: $5

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Forum 2006: Growing Sustainable Connections Proceedings

Download the forum proceedings here (3.3MB)

Proceedings of the 2006 Carolinian Canada Coalition Forum held October 20, 2006 at the Elm Hurst Inn, Ingersoll, Ontario. This document contains Papers presented at the forum by the speakers as well as discussion notes, presentations, an agenda and a participants list. Hard copies can be purchased by contacting the office.

Hard Copy Cost: $5

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Mapping the Future with Carolinian Canada Stakeholders

The proceedings of the Carolinian Canada Stakeholder Meeting held on November 10th, 2005 at the Elmhurst Inn in Ingersoll.

Download the Full Proceedings here (1.0MB)
Download a Summary here (25KB)
View the Meeting Agenda here

Includes major directions identified for the coalition, implementation strategies and notes from Discussion Leaders. Part of the Strategic Planning Process was generously sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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Thinking Big, Wild Ideas Proceedings

Download a selection of papers delivered at the conference here (1.2Mb)
NOTE: Does not include presentations and other features available on CD.

A multi-media, interactive CD of the Carolinian Canada Thinking Big, Wild Ideas Conference held October 1st and 2nd, 2004 in Port Franks. This CD contains over a hundred multi-media shows, selected written papers, a virtual display area, conference pictures, Carolinian Canada's annual report and many other features.

Cost: $5

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Environmental Impact Statement Conference Report

"Take Carolinian Canada to the limit", a one day conference hosted in Partnership with the Grand River Conservation Authority on February 13th, 2003. This was a successful event covering the issues of policy, process and pragmatics to complete Environmental Impact Statements. More than a hundred planning professionals participated in discussion groups to identify best practices and standards that municipalities and practitioners can use in their work.

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This document summarizes results of the EIS conference and is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF. Please note that draft guidelines in this document were prepared based on conference discussions in 2003 and have not been finalized or updated. They are presented here for background information and should not be used as planning tools without investigating current research.

Cover and Table of Contents (188kb)
Introduction (68kb)
Data collection standards (54kb)
Boundary Delineation (509kb)
Setbacks and Buffers (124kb)
Vegetation List (96kb)
Significant Woodland Evaluation (323kb)

Practical Options for the Greening of Carolinian Canada

Download the Full Report here (216KB) - or view in HTML here
Download a Summary here (93KB) - or view in HTML here

Released 2002. Noted conservation author Ron Reid has worked in collaboration with the Management Committee of Carolinian Canada to prepare a paper that looks at a variety of conservation tools that might be used to advance the conservation and restoration of a natural heritage system for Carolinian Canada. A summary of the paper was distributed to participants and the issues raised were featured in the presentations throughout Carolinian Canada Day on May 31st, 2002 at the annual meeting of Ontario Nature (formerly the Federation of Ontario Naturalists).

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Natural Heritage Planning Conference Proceedings

Download the Introduction here (1.0MB)
Download the Round Robin discussion here (446KB)
Download the Panel Discussion here (1.3MB)
Download the Case Study here (1.4MB)
Download the Plenary Session here (428KB)
Download the Evaluation here (491KB)
Download the Participants list here (426KB)

Results of a conference held May 2001 in London to examine the issues related to the Natural Heritage Manual (OMNR) and its application.

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Buffers Best Evidence Conference Proceedings

Download the Proceedings here (2.4MB)

The conference was held in May 2000 in London to examine the issues related to natural heritage buffers. Results can be purchsed for $10.

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Carolinian Canada Conservation Strategy

Download a summary of the report here (44kb)
Download the Objectives and Action Plans here (44kb)
Download the Visions and Priorities here (186kb)

In 1996, the development of a conservation strategy was commissioned by the Carolinian Canada Steering Committee. At that time, Ontario was undergoin a major shift of responsibilities from the province to municipal governments. At the same time, conservation programs were also in a period of rapid change. Because of these changes, a new focus was developed for Carolinian Canada. A program more community-oriented that addresses the landscape rather than individual sites and one that builds broad support would have better prospects for success in the future.

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