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Network events to help you develop your EcoTrail

Watch our EcoNews for the next event.  Or talk to us to bring an event to your community.

The EcoTrail Network offers advice, training and assistance to green your trail and community.

EcoTrails and powerful messages: A indoor/outdoor Carolinian Canada workshop 

In Spring 2015, we hosted an EcoTrail workshop at the Dorchester Mill Pond and the Watershed Conservation Centre (Upper Thames CA) in London.  Participants came from across the ecoregion from local to globally significant sites in Canada's deep south.

Over 10 groups worked in teams on their trails including professionals, experts and volunteers.   They included First Nations, parks, municipalities, businesses, nature groups, community groups, citizen science programs, government transportation agencies and more.

They explored the use of story-telling along the trail, developed interpretive writing skills, shared innovative ideas for visitor and community engagement and prepared concept themes and materials for their trails.

Many are now launching new EcoTrails.  Watch for them by joining our free EcoNews list.

Talk to us about

  • Bringing a workshop to your community to develop your EcoTrail.  Workshops are customized to your goals and your intended audience.  
  • Big Picture Services to assist you on-site to plan your trail
  • Hosting a tour on your site to share ideas and get feedback from other Network members
  • Joining the EcoTrail Network to access discounts, training, advice and assistance.
  • Finding a grant to plan your EcoTrail
  • Your EcoTrail ideas

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