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EcoTrail - Benefits and Requirements

Carolinian Canada EcoTrail Members get Connected!

Benefits and Requirements

Contact us if you are interested in joining the EcoTrail Network

Any group is welcome to join as an EcoTrail Member.  The steps are easy:

  1. Join Carolinian Canada under our group membership program and indicate your interest in EcoTrails. 
  2. Request a consultation to discuss how to develop and register your EcoTrail. Canopy members are eligible for one on-site consultation.  Seedling members for a consultation by phone.
  3. Work towards becoming an EcoTrail Host by fulfilling the requirements and criteria for a Carolinian Canada EcoTrail.  

Benefits for EcoTrail Members - developing your EcoTrail

  1. Recognition as a partner in Healthy Ecosystems on our website, in our annual report, and in press releases
  2. Consultation to help meet EcoTrail criteria
  3. Opportunities to share ideas and experiences with other EcoTrail members
  4. Carolinian Canada event discounts - Webinars, workshops, tours, training and networking to help you enhance and promote your EcoTrail (as available)
  5. Habitat tools - CAP report outlining Big Picture priorities for your area, Habitat menus, best practices, CHAP process
  6. Access to matching programs e.g. for habitat inventory, Interpretive content review/feedback 
  7. Opportunity to apply to become an EcoTrail Host and to include your trail in Carolinian Canada EcoTrail Network
  8. Discount for specialized assistance through our Big Picture Services e.g.  habitat inventory, EcoTrail plans, sign development, development of interactive activities, workshop facilitation for EcoTrail planning
  9. Publications for your use / distribution:
      • Caring for Nature factsheet for your county
      • Signature Sites guide
      • Species at Risk posters
      • Carolinian Landowner Handbook


    Additional Benefits for EcoTrail Hosts - registering and promoting your EcoTrail

    1. EcoTrail logo to use on your trail*
    2. Promotion of your site across the zone to reach thousands interested in nature trails
    3. On-going capacity development opportunities for your trail stewards 
    4. Recognition as a leader in building biodiversity awareness

    *CCC reserves the right to revoke this at any time.

    Requirements for EcoTrail Hosts

    EcoTrail Hosts agree to:

    1. Strive to enhance biodiversity and healthy ecosystems using best practices
    2. Join the EcoTrail network as a member of the Coalition, to be renewed annually (sliding scale)
    3. Provide material and links for the EcoTrail Network website and review for posting
    4. Provide written owner’s permission
    5. Provide proof of insurance and naming Carolinian Canada Coalition on insurance policy
    6. Provide an annual update
    7. Share with Carolinian Canada material and media related to the EcoTrail
    8. CCC can promote your trail, your group and your logo as part of the EcoTrail program
    9. Collaborate with CCC and other EcoTrail partners to promote EcoTrails
    10. EcoTrail sign at Trail head 
    11. Host a trail tour for other EcoTrail partners 
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