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Big Picture Vision, Implementation and Monitoring

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Over 30 years, Carolinian Canada Coalition, a network of 300+ groups, has developed the largest ecosystem recovery program in Canada using collaborative and collective approaches. This ongoing work has highlighted the complex web of growing threats that continue to degrade and destroy habitat. Focus on priority objectives has likely helped slow habitat and species loss, but has not stopped it. The situation is now dire and, with increased incidence of severe weather events due to climate change, urgently requires additional strategic efforts.

OTF Collective Impact Phase 2 funding allowed us to examine the issue from new angles and with new strategic partners. We now look at the landscape as a balance sheet of habitat, shifting the paradigm of thinking by focusing on where we could leverage the greatest impact.

Our new Big Picture Collaborative Update strategy (2018-2023) includes:

  • The evolution of the Theory of Change to scale-up habitat growth in order to reverse the trend of habitat loss in the Zone
  • 5-year collaborative strategy proposal
  • Shared Big Picture goals and related network objectives – to be used as a starting point for discussion with local communities and diverse sectors across the region
  • An Ecoregional Monitoring Framework to link multi-level actions from site, community and zone
  • Identifies a structure, collaboration model and accelerators to move forward including 4 collaboration hubs:
    • Big Picture 2020
    • Habitat investment
    • Social Marketing
    • Native Plants

Many thanks to the contributors and collaborators who contributed to the development of this strategy including Ontario Trillium Foundation, Cambia Development Foundation, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada in London plus other critical contributors in collaboration hubs and backbone

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