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Starting an Anti-Racism Conversation for a Healthy Zone

Did you know that members of racialized communities, and low income communities, are often the hardest hit by climate change and loss of healthy ecosystems? 

Carolinian Canada condemns acts of racial injustice and environmental racism. We will work harder to build greater collaborations for Black and Indigenous Peoples, and members of all racialized communities to lead, grow and benefit from healthy landscapes and the emerging restoration economy. 


  1. Is there anti-Black racism in Canada? See Toronto Star interview (Friday 5 June 2020) with Professor Rinaldo Walcott (University of Toronto) and Professor Afua Cooper (Dalhousie University) 
  2. Documentaries
    • ​​The Little Black School House
    • Speak It! From The Heart of Black Nova Scotia
    • Speakers for the Dead
    • Journey to Justice
    • Sisters in the Struggle
    • It Takes A Riot: Race, Rebellion, Reform
    • Speakers for the Dead
    • Documentary list from Jason Miller’s article: “Here are some resources that may help, especially non-Black people, increase their knowledge and feel empowered to be part of the collective effort to fight anti-Black racism”
  3. Books and Documents:
    • ​​“’Membering” -  Austin Clarke
    • “The Hanging of Angélique: The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery and the Burning of Old Montréal” - Afua Cooper
    • “Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora” - Karen Flynn
    • “Bromley, tireless fighter for just causes: Memoirs of Bromley L. Armstrong” - Bromley Armstrong
    • “Burnley ‘Rocky’ Jones Revolutionary” James Walker and Burnley ‘Rocky’ - Jones
    • “Being Brown” Rosemary Brown
    • “Bread Out of Stone: Recollections, Sex, Recognitions, Race, Dreaming, Politics” Dionne Brand
    • “Silenced” - Makeda Silvera
    • “A Place Called Heaven” - Cecil Foster
    • “After Canaan: Essays on Race, Writing and Region” - Wayde Compton
    • “The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology” -  Karina Vernon
    • “Race to Trial: Black Defendants in Ontario’s Criminal Courts 1858-1958” - Barrington Walker
    • “Fear of a Black Nation: Race, Sex, and Security in Sixties Montreal” - David Austin
    • “Displacing Blackness: Planning, Power, and Race in Twentieth-Century Halifax” - Ted Rutland
    • “Policing Black Lives — State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present” - Robin Maynard
  4. Children’s books
    • ​​“Meet Viola Desmond” - Elizabeth MacLeod and Mike Deas
    • “The ABC’s of Viola Desmond” Delmore “Buddy” - Daye
    • “They Call Me George: The Untold Story of Black Train Porters and the Birth of Modern Canada” - Cecil Foster
  5. Canadian historical sites and museums
    • ​​Buxton National Historic Site and Museum Chatham-Kent
    • Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia
    • The Black Loyalist Heritage Centre Nova Scotia
    • The Amherstburg Freedom Museum Ontario
    • Africville Heritage Museum Nova Scotia
  6. Interview with University of Ottawa PhD student, Peter Soroye about being a Black birder:
  7. Huffington Post's Article: Racism In Canada Is Ever-Present, But We Have A Long History Of Denial
  8. The National Film Board of Canada curated set of publicly available documentaries for Anti-Racism education.
  9. When Black and Indigenous experiences intersect
  10. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action
  11. Sociology Professor Michael Kimmel’s Ted talk about White Privilege: “those who have privilege, cannot see it”.
  12. 1988 paper about unpacking White Privilege by Prof. Peggy McIntosh.
  13. Free NFB Films on Indigenous peoples in Canada
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