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My Wild Green Home 10k Challenge

Count yourself in with 10,000 volunteers growing a healthy Zone at home

What if you had 6 months to save the world, but you're stuck at home?

Growing just one native plant helps create a green future, saving wildlife, water, and our way of life.

Join the 10k Challenge.

Be part of Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden connecting nature from Toronto to Windsor and help double our positive impact for a healthy environment in Canada’s most biodiverse and threatened ecoregion.

To help you grow, when you track your garden between September 13, 2020 to March 15, 2021, you will be eligible for hundreds of give-aways for climate-smart wildlife lovers.  Watch for monthly give-aways starting with the Pawpaw Parade and a grand prize wildife garden design makeover.  The sooner you track the more chances you have.

Everyone can be a local wildlife hero whether you are starting from scratch or a master gardener.

*conditions apply

Count Yourself In.

Track Your Garden Today!

Step 1.
Count yourself in.  Track or update your garden with In The Zone.  You will be automatically eligible for hundreds of give-aways for climate-smart wildlife lovers between September 13, 2020 to March 15, 2021.  (read Give-Away Guidelines)
Step 2.
Download your free In The Zone garden guides. 
Step 3.
Find the native plant for you with In the Zone guides and source lists. Look for the In The Zone tag for the right native plants for the Carolinian Zone.
Step 4.
Grow. Watch wildlife. Connect with community.  Share your story.  Repeat to transform your garden into a natural oasis.   

Watch for Upcoming 10k Challenge Giveaways!

Monthly Giveaways, Grand Prize, and More.


Harvest - Renewal - Resilience
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Community Building
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Our Collective Gift to Mother Earth
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New Year - New Green Lifestyle
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LOVE Earth - LOVE Seeds - LOVE Wildlife
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The Zone's wildest expo goes virtual! Choose your own adventure to save the planet.

My Wild Green Toolbox

Find Community, Stories, Events, Resources and More to Grow Healthy Landscapes

Monday, September 21, 2020 to Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone, Canada's extraordinary far south, in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

Carolinian Canada is supported financially by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Government of Ontario, 3M, WWF-Canada, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Greenbelt Foundation, City of London, many partners and donors. Canadian Registered Charity 83559 4722

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Government of Ontario
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